Our Story

Letter from the Chairman

Welcome to OMT!

Since 1998, OMT has been committed to be Next To You! Thanks to the everyday efforts of OMT Team Members, who work hand in hand with honesty, credibility and respect, we are dedicated to offer outstanding customer service and deliver the highest quality.
Throughout the years, we have built major partnerships with entities from the public and private sectors and broadened our services, to deliver effective solutions that meet people’s needs.
As the world is witnessing remarkable and fast-paced changes including new technological trends which have significant effects on consumer behavior and needs, OMT aims “To provide reliable and efficient solutions for Financial Transactions through the widest connected channels” to stay true to our promise: “Next To You!”

Toufic Moawad

Ms. Joya Moawad Machnouk
Executive Vice President
Mr. Hikmat Abou Zeid
Vice President
Mr. Naji Abou Zeid
Managing Director
Mr. Mohamad Farran
Assistant General Manager
Mr. Mark Mouarrek
Chief Commercial Officer
Mr. Joseph Mhanna
Chief Financial Officer
Ms. Nassab Salloum
Operations Manager
Ms. Eliane Halout Khatcherian
Finance Manager
Ms. Lucienne Jbeily El Hachem
Marketing & Communication Manager
Mr. Joseph Abou Nader
ICT Manager