New Cooperation between the Ministry of Interior & Municipalities – Directorate General of Civil Status & OMT
In line with OMT services offered in cooperation with different ministries and public sector entities with the aim of making citizens’ lives easier, the Ministry of Interior & Municipalities – Directorate General of Civil Status & OMT announced in a press conference the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding related to the Follow up & Delivery of Lebanese ID cards through OMT. The service launching date will be announced later.

The Director General of Civil Status General Elias El Khoury affirmed that the process adopted with OMT is easier and will reduce the time frame from few months to around two weeks, without incurring any costs on the ministry. He stressed that the service, once launched, will remain optional, as the citizen or mayor can always choose whether to collect the ID card from the Civil Registry Office or from the nearest OMT location.

OMT Chairman Me. Toufic Mouawad confirmed that the citizens will benefit from the faster process which guarantees accuracy, security and confidentiality under the governance of the ministry, highlighting that the citizens will receive their ID cards in sealed envelopes and through a One-Time Password they receive by SMS. Me. Mouawad thanked the Minister of Interior and Municipalities Nohad Machnouk, praising his efforts to automate the ministry’s services in collaboration with the private sector, without any exclusivity (optional services) or costs incurred by the state. He reaffirmed that OMT is ready to engage its technical skills and human resources to automate any service in cooperation with the public sector.

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