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Headquartered in the Lebanese capital Beirut, OMT offers its financial services through a network of more than 900 locations including; standalones, retail stores, and banks locations across Lebanon.
Our standalone locations are fully owned and managed by OMT, allowing us to customize and enhance the customers experience on several levels. Till date, OMT owns 9 standalones locations fully managed by the company. These are based in Tayouneh, Downtown, ABC Dbayeh, Jounieh, Chtaura, Amioun, Ardeh and Baalbeck.
OMT benefits from a network of more 900 retail stores across Lebanon offering all OMT services. Delivering utmost convenience; customers have access to all of our services no matter where they are located in the country.
Through our solid partnership with many distinguished banks in Lebanon, we provide our customers with a much wider network for money transfer.

With some of the major banks in Lebanon as key partners, OMT is able to further extend its reach through the banking network allowing customers to easily access  money transfer service.